Students will be fascilitate with Basketball,Badminton,Swimming,Tennis,Volleyball,Yoga,Martial art,Chess,Dance,Music etc.Field visit,Excursion Tours,Picnic for Physical,mental and academic development.


APS provides preparation classes on Saturday for class XII students who want to do progress in entrance test(QMATs & CMATs)for obtaining scholarships.


Fully multi-media computer lab with high speed internet(free WIFI),LCD projector and well-ventilated rooms with CCTV.


Separate rooms for boys and girls with frequent cleaning schedule with hygenic food.


Pick up and drop fascilities with comfort seating arrangements.


Around 100s of scholarship has been provided to poor and needy students 

3month scholarship is provided to a student who stood the first position in the terminal examination

We offer up to 100% Scholarship for our students based on Past Academic Degree, Past extra Co-curricular Activities, Class Tests, Term exams and Pre-board and Board exams.

Note: Full scholarship will be provided to students of APS who have to obtain the highest GPA in the S.E.E examination in +2

Our Testimonials

Dr. Bibhuti Shrestha

I feel proud to be product of asphodel and thank for asphodel family

Hansi Gelter

Asphodel a place for where you get your moral life enhance

Helena Lilja